Football Tutorials

With Stathead, you can find any player, any team, any season, any game, any play (and more!) using a powerful set of search filters. These tutorials will help you get started with Stathead.

The Season Finder

The Season Finder searches for individual seasons, combined seasons, or entire careers (for players) and franchise histories (for teams). You can also use the Player Season Finders to discover the most players in a season, most players on a team, or most players in franchise history to match specific criteria.

The Game Finder

The Game Finder searches for individual games, total stats for combined games, and number of instances of matching games in a season, career, or franchise history.

The Draft Finder

The Draft Finder can search through every NFL and AFL draft pick from 1936 to today.

Player Comparison

The Player Comparison Finder can compare two or more players across their careers, in individual seasons, or across spans of seasons.

Drive Finder

The Drive Finder searches for all team drives from 2001 to today to find performances that match your criteria.

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