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What is Stathead Football?

Stathead offers the most expansive collection of football research tools available to the public.
Make customized searches through all statistics in NFL/AFL/AAFC/APFA history, including every touchdown since 1920 and every play since 1994.

Player Season Finder

Photo of Emmitt Smith
Emmitt Smith is the NFL's all-time leader in 1,000-yard rushing seasons (11). Can you name the 3 other players with at least 10?

Use the Player Season Finder to discover that Curtis Martin, Walter Payton and Barry Sanders each had 10 1,000-yard rushing seasons.

Player Touchdown Finder

Photo of Peyton Manning
Only 1 Quarterback/Receiver duo in NFL history has hooked up for 100+ touchdowns. Who are they?

Use the Player Touchdown Finder to discover that Peyton Manning threw an NFL-record 112 touchdowns to Marvin Harrison.

Team Game Finder

Dallas Cowboys Logo
Who was the last team before the 2021 Dallas Cowboys to intercept 26 passes in a season?

Use the Team Game Finder to discover that the Cowboys joined the 2018 Bears as just the second team since 2014 to pick of 26 passes in one year

Team Record Finder

NFL Playoffs Logo
How many teams that started 0-3 reached the playoffs?

Use the Team Record Finder to discover that 2.6% of teams since 1990 that started 0-3 have gone on to make the playoffs.

Player Split Finder

Photo of Colt Mccoy
Who had the best passer rating in no-huddle formations in 2021?

Use the Player Split Finder to see that Colt McCoy’s 119.3 passer rating was the best in no-huddle formations in 2021 (min. 15 attempts)

Player Game Finder

Photo of Patrick Mahomes
How many QBs had more touchdown passes through age-26 than Patrick Mahomes?

Use the Player Season Finder to see that only Dan Marino threw for more TD passes through his age-26 season than Patrick Mahomes

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